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Bellevue is a diverse & growing city of 150,000 people, each with their own story & each trying to get around safely. With our growth certainly come growing pains – as we transition from a suburban community to a bonafide urban center, we need to confront our very real urban problems. How can we help our city’s residents, students, and workers get around in ways that are environmentally sustainable? How can we confront the increasing danger on city streets, even as we’ve adopted a Vision Zero pledge? How can we build communities that are more equitable and resilient in the face of a volatile economy and a rapidly changing region?

At Complete Streets Bellevue, we give away the answer in our name – through the construction of complete streets in our communities, we can help our city meet its ambitious climate targets while improving the health and safety of our residents. Infrastructure that prioritizes people who walk, roll, bike, and take transit above those in cars leads to walkable, equitable communities that can be navigated by everyone – no matter what you look like, where you come from, how old you are, or what language you speak.

Please take a look around our website to find out more about our group’s priorities, history, goals, and future. As you peruse our current initiatives, please note that we are an organization still in its infancy. We want our members to reflect Bellevue’s unique diversity and our community’s priorities. These initiatives are therefore subject to change, but we hope they provide a great overview of what we stand for and how we want our city to look in the future.



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