ACTION ALERT: Vision Zero Budget Items

Bellevue City Council is currently reviewing the 2021-22 biennium City Budget – this $1.7 billion document has funding for services like utilities, police, and fire, but also contains money for implementation of new Vision Zero and other traffic safety programs. Although this is a great initial step in making our streets safer, there’s a lot more that needs to be done – and we need to make sure that this funding does not get cut or reduced during the budgetary process.

That’s why it’s essential that we reach out to Council over the next two weeks with our stories and experiences walking, biking, and taking transit on Bellevue’s streets, and remind them why Vision Zero action cannot wait.

CSB is looking for people who would be interested in speaking at the Council meeting this or next Monday (November 16th & 23rd) in support of Vision Zero action. To be most impactful, we need to hear from people who live in Bellevue and who have had extensive experience on our city’s streets (and maybe have a story about a collision or a near-miss that you or ones you love have been involved in, to underscore the urgency of action that’s required).

If you’re interested in speaking this Monday (or on any other date), please reach out to me at so we can coordinate. I’d be more than happy to help you in writing your testimony and provide feedback/recommendations on how to speak to Council effectively and clearly.

It’s through groups like us and people like you speaking at these meetings that we shift the needle and bring about the changes we need to make our streets safe and accessible for all.


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