CSB Presents Walking Audit Findings to Transportation Staff, Engineers

Early Thursday morning, Complete Streets Bellevue formally presented our community’s findings from the three walking audits we conducted for NE 8th St to local transportation staff and engineers. This slide deck represents the culmination of 1.5 months of preparation & outreach, and our organization is immensely proud of our community for their thoughtful and impactful contributions.

CSB presents our community’s findings from our 3 walking audits (Image credit: Franz Loewenherz)

This presentation serves as just the start of staff’s investigations of the corridor – representatives from Bellevue Transportation, King County Metro, and VHB engineers are conducting a two-day Road Safety Analysis, a formal process by which a street’s safety for pedestrians is reviewed. From staff’s analysis (both in the field and in virtual discussion rooms), transportation staff will have a blueprint for improvements that can be made to the corridor to increase safety for pedestrians.

We’re honored to have been chosen by Bellevue Transportation staff to participate in this effort, and we look forward to the safety improvements that will come with their findings! In the next couple of weeks, Complete Streets Bellevue will publish a longer report detailing our group’s observations on the corridor, but in the meantime, you can take a look at our presentation to staff here. If you want to be kept up to date on our report & other transportation happenings in Bellevue, sign up for our newsletter by scrolling to the bottom of our homepage, entering your email address, and clicking “Submit.” We thank you for being part of our organic community effort to support a safer, greener, and more equitable transportation system in Bellevue!

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