Report for NE 8th St Walking Audits Available

Our organization is happy to publish our final report on CSB’s Walking Audits of NE 8th St! This document is the result of extensive community feedback & public outreach and would not have been possible without our excellent members.

Some key findings of our report — which includes a letter signed onto by great organizations like Disability Mobility Initiative, Feet First, and Greater Redmond Transportation Management Association — are included below:

  • We measured noise levels as high as 86 dB on the corridor – approaching dangerous levels for people living & walking on the corridor.
  • Crosswalk times were not long enough for most people to make it across safely.
  • Several stretches of corridor lacked crossings, requiring pedestrians to take circuitous routes to cross the street.
  • Sidewalks were often not wide enough nor removed far enough away from vehicle traffic to feel safe.
  • Several intersections were missing crosswalks on certain sides, which complicated crossings.

For more details and to get a full picture of our findings, be sure to check out the full report.

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