Help Bring Light Rail to the Eastside in 2023!

Are you looking forward to the opening of the East Light Rail? Construction issues threaten to delay the opening of the long-awaited East Link light rail, but it doesn’t have to be this way. King County Council Chair and Sound Transit Board Member Claudia Balducci proposed running Eastlink between Bellevue and the light rail stations in the Overlake neighborhood in Redmond. Tell Sound Transit to keep Bellevue & Redmond light rail on time by running an Eastside-only route until the construction on the I-90 bridge is complete.

Light rail between Bellevue and Redmond will save time for thousands of commuters and residents along the route, cutting what is today a lengthy 40-minute bus trip by more than half. Opening these stations on time will build public trust in Sound Transit and leverage the multimodal investments that cities have made in the station areas. Stations between Bellevue & the Overlake Neighborhood of Redmond are near complete and will increase transit options for people who live, work, or got to school in Redmond & Bellevue. 

Show support for this idea by taking action and sending a letter to the Sound Transit board and CEO Julie Timm before the next Sound Transit Board Meeting on October 27th!

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