Help Bring Light Rail to the Eastside in 2023!

Are you looking forward to the opening of the East Light Rail? Construction issues threaten to delay the opening of the long-awaited East Link light rail, but it doesn’t have to be this way. King County Council Chair and Sound Transit Board Member Claudia Balducci proposed running Eastlink between Bellevue and the light rail stations inContinue reading “Help Bring Light Rail to the Eastside in 2023!”

Wilburton Bike Tour Highlights Opportunities for Better Bicycle Infrastructure

Nearly a dozen community members joined Complete Streets Bellevue and the Urbanist on Saturday to tour the Wilburton & Spring District neighborhoods on bikes. Following last week’s productive event, this gathering intended to show attendees the current state of Wilburton’s bicycle infrastructure and highlight areas for potential improvement. During Bellevue’s budget discussions in the fallContinue reading “Wilburton Bike Tour Highlights Opportunities for Better Bicycle Infrastructure”

Bike Around Wilburton with us on August 13th

Thank you again to those of you who attended our Wilburton Walking Tour this past weekend! It was a great, informative event with tons of excellent feedback from all participants, and we can’t thank you enough for taking part in it with us. To get the scoop on what went down, read our article here.Continue reading “Bike Around Wilburton with us on August 13th”

Over 20 Community Members Turn Out for Walking Tour of Wilburton Neighborhood

On a sunny Saturday morning, nearly 25 urbanists showed up to learn more about how the Wilburton neighborhood will be changing with the opening of East Link light rail. With frequent trains that will connect the neighborhood to Redmond, Seattle, and other cities in our region, Wilburton represents an exciting opportunity for sustainable, transit-oriented development.Continue reading “Over 20 Community Members Turn Out for Walking Tour of Wilburton Neighborhood”

Detailed Route Information for our August 6th Wilburton Walking Tour

Thank you to everybody who has registered for our Wilburton Walking Tour on August 6th from 11 am to 1 pm! We’re excited to tour the neighborhood with you and talk about all the ways that the neighborhood will be growing and changing over the coming years. If you haven’t RSVP’ed yet, what are youContinue reading “Detailed Route Information for our August 6th Wilburton Walking Tour”

Complete Streets Bellevue & The Urbanist to Host Outreach Events in the Wilburton Neighborhood

It’s no secret that Bellevue is growing & changing. New developments are bringing new residents, new workers, and new shoppers to the city in a way that will define the Eastside for many decades to come. Light rail will open very soon, connecting our city with the rest of the region with reliable, sustainable transportation.Continue reading “Complete Streets Bellevue & The Urbanist to Host Outreach Events in the Wilburton Neighborhood”

Staff Documents Show the Need for Further Multi-modal Investments in Bellevue

Reach out to Bellevue’s Transportation Commission and tell them that data shows we should prioritize investments in walking, biking, and transit infrastructure. Submit written testimony at, or sign up for oral testimony at their July 8th meeting. In yesterday’s article, we introduced the concept of concurrency and why its current implementation in Bellevue isContinue reading “Staff Documents Show the Need for Further Multi-modal Investments in Bellevue”

Ensuring Responsible Growth for Bellevue’s Transportation System

Email the Transportation Commission to support staff’s approach for multi-modal concurrency:, or sign up to give oral testimony at the Transportation Commission meeting on Thursday July 8th @ 6:30 pm. If there’s one thing we’ve learned during our organization’s time engaging in the municipal process, it’s that much of the city’s work revolves aroundContinue reading “Ensuring Responsible Growth for Bellevue’s Transportation System”

CSB Announces Walking Audits for Factoria Blvd

RSVP HERE Back in March, our organization was honored to have been chosen by the City of Bellevue to lead walking audits of NE 8th St – Bellevue’s most dangerous street. These walking audits saw concerned community members provide valuable feedback on how the road was unsafe for people trying to get around on foot,Continue reading “CSB Announces Walking Audits for Factoria Blvd”

Report for NE 8th St Walking Audits Available

Our organization is happy to publish our final report on CSB’s Walking Audits of NE 8th St! This document is the result of extensive community feedback & public outreach and would not have been possible without our excellent members. Some key findings of our report — which includes a letter signed onto by great organizationsContinue reading “Report for NE 8th St Walking Audits Available”