Mission & Vision


We envision an equitable Bellevue – one with a transportation network that encourages safe, accessible, and sustainable travel by prioritizing people who walk, bike, roll, and take transit.


Complete Streets Bellevue is creating meaningful relationships with residents, businesses, and organizations to advance the construction of comprehensive & accessible pedestrian, bicycle, and transit networks in Bellevue. Through direct action, community events, engagement with public officials, and education, we seek to effect meaningful changes to our transportation system that bring our city closer to becoming an antiracist, equitable, and sustainable community. We acknowledge that transportation is only one piece of a larger progressive & intersectional mosaic required to achieve this goal, so we provide support & authentic partnerships with organizations working towards this future through other policy spheres.


Complete Streets Bellevue supports fundamental changes to our city’s ideas of mobility, accessibility, and community.

We believe in targeted, conscientious actions to make our transportation system more sustainable and equitable through support of walking, biking, and transit infrastructure.

We are an antiracist organization that acknowledges our city’s historical choices to prioritize the mobility of affluent (and mostly white) communities at the expense of other residents’ health and safety, and how enforcement of our road laws has targeted communities of color to perpetuate racial inequities.

We understand the urgent need presented by climate change in creating a system that adds to the health of the planet rather than detract from it, but we also recognize the opportunities available to create places and communities that reflect the diversity of our residents and their histories.

Finally, we acknowledge the unique dangers encountered by people who walk, roll, cycle, or take transit as they navigate our city. Because these individuals are disproportionately impacted by traffic violence, we support rapid & community-driven safety improvements that truly prioritize people – no matter how they get around.

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