We know that to effect meaningful change in our city, we need as many people in our coalition as we can get! If our work speaks to you and you share our vision of a greener, safer, and more equitable Bellevue, reach out to us – we’ll help get you started.

Chris Randels

Founder & Chair

Chris is a Bellevue student, worker, and resident who is passionate about environmental causes and fighting for a more progressive future. A Lake Hills resident since 2015, Chris loves his city and wants to help it live up to its potential as a diverse, green, and equitable community. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences from UW Seattle in June 2020 and wants to use his knowledge to educate and advocate for greener transportation that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a car-lite millenial, Chris has direct connections to the Bellevue walking, biking, and transit experience, and he hopes to use this knowledge to help his city become a safer place to get around.

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