Vision Zero Support

ACTION ALERT!! — See our News Post for more information on how you can help Vision Zero efforts in Bellevue!

Traffic violence in Bellevue is only getting worse – 3 people have already died on city streets in 2020 (COB)

In June 2020, Bellevue City Councilmembers expressed their unanimous support behind a systems-oriented Vision Zero program. Through public outreach, road safety implementations, and speed reductions, the city promises to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on Bellevue streets by 2030. Although a lofty goal, city leaders rightfully acknowledge that the only acceptable number of deaths on our roads is zero, and it is imperative that we achieve this target as soon as possible. 

However, promises and pledges are not enough. These plans must be followed with concrete action that requires manhours, capital, and political will – and it’s up to us to make sure that city staff and leaders hear us. The deaths and injuries on our city’s streets aren’t just numbers in a table or on a graph – they represent loved ones, brothers, mothers, fathers, grandfathers, and friends whose lives were irrevocably altered or ended by preventable tragedy. 


  1. Support budget items, initiatives, and other city actions that construct tactical, fast-response safety improvements to our streets
  2. Outreach to victims and families to victims of traffic violence
  3. Memorial walks/rides
  4. Campaigns for lower speed limits citywide

Header photo by Cascade Bicycle Club

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