Over 50 People Attend First CSB & Move Redmond Joint Fundraiser at Mox Boarding House

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On Sunday evening, Complete Streets Bellevue & Move Redmond were joined by community members, organization leaders, and elected officials at our first ever joint fundraiser! Mox Boarding House is a union-operated restaurant & store in BelRed that allows patrons to play board games while they dine, and its tournament room served as a lovely venue for our event. Attendees were treated to a drink & a delicious taco bar, and they could select from Mox’s library of board games to play while they connected with other passionate transportation advocates.

Before the event, Move Redmond & Complete Streets Bellevue were able to secure $3,000 in matching funds from generous supporters, and our fundraiser brought us so close to reaching that level! Just a couple hundred dollars separates our organizations from achieving our fundraising goal for 2022.

Your support, no matter the size, goes a long way towards a more sustainable and accessible Bellevue. Here are all the things we achieved together this year:

  • We worked with Move Redmond to direct over 100 people to write the Sound Transit Board and support an on-time opening of East Link light rail.
  • Our walking and biking tours in Wilburton informed dozens of attendees of how to engage in upcoming planning processes around biking infrastructure and housing policy.
  • CSB worked with Northwest Progressive Institute, Sightline Institute, Eastside for All, and Housing Development Consortium to commission a groundbreaking poll showing widespread support for bold housing policy in Bellevue.
  • We mobilized community members and organizations to testify for increased Vision Zero funding in the 2023-24 Bellevue budget. Together, we successfully lobbied for an additional almost $300,000 across the two years.
  • Working with Disability Mobility Initiative, we got Bellevue Mayor Lynne Robinson and Councilmember Janice Zahn to participate in the Week Without Driving.
  • CSB and Move Redmond met with King County Councilmember Claudia Balducci to lobby for an ebike rebate program shortly before a pilot program was introduced in the King County budget.
  • Back in March, we were invited to participate in a city-led summit related to Curb Management Policies alongside other stakeholders. Work on this issue in early 2023 will help shape the urban form of Bellevue’s growth corridors.
  • In September, we worked with city staff to coordinate signatures from community organizations to support a $40 million grant application with the USDOT that would support increased multimodal investments.
  • We worked with Futurewise, Eastside for All, and Liveable Kirkland to host virtual talks on “History of Exclusion on the Eastside”, where we educated community members on how historical patterns of exclusion in housing & transportation still have impacts today.
  • At our booth at Let’s Move Redmond, we engaged Eastside community members on how a similar open streets event could be brought to Bellevue.
  • Our regular testimony to Bellevue City Council and city commissions helped drive meaningful progress on the issues of multimodal concurrency and bicycle infrastructure.  

These accomplishments were only possible because of all the great members of our community that have joined us on this journey. A special shout-out goes to Move Redmond, who are a pivotal regional partner in our advocacy. We’re most effective when we work together in collaboration, and as our neighbor, Move Redmond does absolutely crucial work that has an impact on Bellevue and all of our Eastside communities. Please also consider donating to support their important work.

In 2023, we’re committed to growing our reach and increasing our impact – leading more community events to engage people in city planning, meeting with more organizations to understand their needs, and advocating for bolder change to meet our Vision Zero and Environmental Stewardship goals. We’re gonna need all hands on deck in this effort, so no matter how you’re able to help – whether it’s through a financial contribution, a donation of your time, or just through staying informed – it’s sincerely appreciated.

Donate to Complete Streets Bellevue
Donate to Move Redmond

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